About ClicksCrowd

ClicksCrowd has been online since 2013, and is the original pay per click platform that has enabled hundreds of people all over the world to create a stable income online, without spending any money on their own.


At ClicksCrowd, we are all about turning website visitors into cash. If you know how to get visitors to go to a website then ClicksCrowd is for you. Each one visitor is considered one click.

ClicksCrowd is a new taylor made concept that enables you, as one of our partners, to use your skills to send visitors to our ready to go campaigns. The amount of real visitors you send determines the amount you get paid. At ClicksCrowd we set everything up for you, from hand picking the best performing campaigns, to setting them up using our optimized and exclusive landing pages. As one of our partners, you won't need to set up hosting, buy domains or purchase expensive resources. We provide everything for you to get you started and making money long term.

ClicksCrowd provides:
- Campaigns.
- Optimized landing pages.
- Hosting.
- Exclusive domains.
- Private resources.
- Stats pages.
- Skype support.
- Weekly payments.

By becoming a member of ClicksCrowd you are joining our team of partners who enjoy our unique system to monetize in on their skills. ClicksCrowd is responsible for theintricacies involved in setting everything up, while our partners send the visitors through whatever genuine means they choose.